The Drawdown wiki is a nonpartisan 501(c)3 project. Information comes from research by volunteer crowdsourcers and the wiki team. We intend for the information on these pages to be substantive, factual, objective, and fully sourced. Thanks for your help!


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Welcome to the (nofficial) Drawdown wiki — we are pre-launch.

Why do we say this wiki is “unofficial?” Because we aim to fill a missing piece for people who are eager to help, not only by Donating to Project Drawdown, but by submitting what they know or beginning research on solutions and how to make them happen. in its December 2017 Update, Drawdown announced plans for a Drawdown Research Institute with open source elements. At a point when crowdsourcers have an “official” way to contribute information, we'll be happy to step aside or coordinate.

We’re a project of the California Climate Breakthrough Initiative (CCBI), a 501(c)3 project of Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE), focusing on sharing objective information, made available to all. We intend for all information to be substantive, factual, objective, and fully sourced.

We are a companion project to ClimatePolitics, and we share its team.

Soon we will have a contact form; for now, you can reach us at