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Direct Air Capture

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Direct Air Capture
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Excerpt from The Week Magazine, NEWS/ World at a Glance section, page 9 on January 26,2018 -

In Xi'an, China: "Towering air purifier:China has built a 330-ft-tall experimental air purifier to scrub pollution from the air in the city of Xi'an, and early tests suggest it's working. Polluted air is suctioned into greenhouses heated by solar energy at the base of the tower, and the warm air then rises through layers of cleansing filters before exiting out the top. The scientist leading the project, Cao Junji, said the air in a 4-mile radius around the tower was now markedly less polluted. Xi'an is one of China's most ancient cities and has some of the worst air quality in the country, because of its coal-fired heating systems. "In autumn and winter, the pollution is so severe in Xi'an that we have to wear masks and use air cleaners all the time" said one resident. "

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Saving the world with carbon dioxide removal by Peter Wadhams, Washington Post, January 8, 2018