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Note that not everyone who goes through hair Hair Revital X replacement surgery would need "surgical touch-up" procedure, but the idea is that one should anticipate it, just in case you would need one. While it's not always likely your surgeon might be able to predict, in advance, whether you will need this touch-up or not and how extensive or not it will be. For the man who has a beard, waking up one day with patches in the beard missing can be a shocking and stressful experience.

Most men who wear beards consider their beard part of their personality and as such seeing a person in the mirror who has a patch of hair missing from their beard can cause them to wonder how it happened and what everyone is going to think if they were to see it. For the friends and family of the men who experience beard patches, the immediate assumption is that the person is simply stressed or worrying about things and this is causing the problem. However, patches in the beard are signs of something more serious that can lead to other hair loss down the road if not addressed.

Alopecia Barbae is the medical name for patches in the beard. It is not typically stress induced, not directly at least, but instead is actually an auto-immune disorder. When Alopecia Barbae occurs, the body begins producing antibodies that attack the hair follicles. The anti-bodies are typically isolated to one patch of hair, producing a circular patch of smooth, hair free skin that is from a nickel to quarter in size. The hairs surrounding the beard patch are typically fine, brittle and easy to pull out and the patch itself sometimes will hurt or feel like it is burning.