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For instance, Young shares a story about Elvis Overnight Millionaire System Presley, who was fired from the Grand Ole Opry after only one performance and told by the manager, "You ain't goin' nowhere, son. Better get y'all job back drivin' a truck." There are countless examples of people who heard brutal criticism, got fired, lost the deal - and kept going anyway. The moral of the story? We need to half-listen to these messages of criticism or failure, determine they are not signs from God to throw in the towel, and just stick to our plan.

Above all, persist. Sure, it's tough to keep going when the going gets tough. Ask any marathoner, successful entrepreneur, or anyone else who has opted to stay in the race even though you or I could find plenty of acceptable reasons why they should quit. The truth is that for intelligent risk-takers, the bold road will offer its share of rejections and failures, and there will always be an 'acceptable' reason to quit that your friends, family, or acquaintances may offer.

After all, most people aren't risk-takers, so the fact that you're willing to ride out the rejections and failures may be tough for people to understand. But as long as you understand why your goal matters to you, persistence will come naturally, at least most of the time. If it doesn't, consider the story of one man who decided at a young age he wanted to pursue either business or politics. Unfortunately, he lost his first run for office in the state legislature, and completely failed at starting his own business.