The Drawdown wiki is a nonpartisan 501(c)3 project. Information comes from research by volunteer crowdsourcers and the wiki team. We intend for the information on these pages to be substantive, factual, objective, and fully sourced. Thanks for your help!

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Welcome to the unofficial Drawdown wiki! We’re pre-launch

We’re building on the work of the new bestselling book, “Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming” We aim to explore and expand the world we can imagine from Drawdown’s solutions.

We’ve created a wiki for you to help us get there. (A wiki is a crowdsourced encyclopedia; Wikipedia is the most famous one.) Soon you'ill be able to pick your favorite Drawdown solutions and help advance them. You and many others can assemble missing information that can speed research, development, and — most of all — deployment. The more people who jump in, the quicker we can have an impact. All content at this wiki is Open Source, for all to add to and to draw from. As a nonpartisan 501(c)3 project, we intend for all the information here to be substantive, factual, objective, and fully sourced. We are an unofficial effort, and we hope our work will help the Drawdown team as it continues its work.(For why we say we are "unofficial," click on About in the navigation bar.)

Each of the 80 Drawdown Solutions and 20 Coming Attractions has its own article. Each article has a History page to track changes and a Discussion page where “editors” (contributors) can share views. Researchers and crowdsourcers will add information expanding what’s already in the “Drawdown” book and in 5,000+ backup references. This can include:

    • Quantify solutions' economic potential and timetables to significant deployment;
    • Identify companies and technologies involved, link to reports from other sources;
    • Analyze solutions that are viable now; project how they benefit from a carbon price or regulation;
    • Discuss open issues to which volunteers everywhere can contribute;
    • Coordinate with other Drawdown-related projects around the world to extend and facilitate Project Drawdown’s continuing work.

Quick help for crowdsourcers

Without establishing an account, you can "Read" articles, use the "View history" tab to see changes, and the "Discussion" tab to view conversations and opinions. When you register as a user, on the upper right of the screen, you can use the Edit tab to add information and the "Discussion" tab for comments.

Interested in contributing? Register an account and go to theCrowdsourcer Help page to get started.

About the Drawdown Project and the book

People who read the book say it changes how they think about the future of our planet and everything that lives on it. Drawdown is the result of a three-year project from a team organized by entrepreneur & writer Paul Hawken. Research Director Chad Frischmann says it’s the first book about global warming you can read before you go to sleep because it won’t make you fearful, anxious, resigned, or despairing.

Before Drawdown, no one had ever asked and answered, “What are the most important things we should do about global warming?" Now we can see Drawdown's 80 Top (peer-reviewed) Solutions + 20 Coming Attractions. Each gets at least two pages in this beautifully illustrated readable book, along with rankings, seven powerful essays, and explanations. And as the title promises, Drawdown goes beyond ways to slow or avoid the worst consequences of climate change. It shows how we can restore the world — improving the quality of life for people everywhere while working toward pre-industrial quality air and water.

Buy this affordable book at your local bookstore!Or see the link at Project Drawdown's home page to order it online. Give it to friends, family, and colleagues. And consider becoming part of the crowdsourcer team to fill information at this Drawdown wiki.