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The nearly constant prescription drug StrictionBP ads running on television illustrate how the prevalent medical industry attack these issues separately in a process called 'symptom stomping'. It's like playing Wack-a-Mole, attacking one symptom at a time, with many people ending up with multiple prescriptions (which can work at cross purposes). I submit that a way to subdue ALL of these ailment at the same time exists (a way that does NOT include drugs).

Syndrome X is a very personal problem. It comes self customizing, making the weakest part of your body fail the quickest. The varying illnesses show up in and affects each person in different ways and intensities, including the shortening and destruction of the victims life.

However, because each of us start as a baby as about 78% water, decreasing to 60% in adult men and 55% in adult women, it stands to reason if the water we are made of is not of optimum quality in it's most basic ways, our body won't be able to go about it's business of living in an effective manner (otherwise known as metabolism) causing your body to do the same thing as a car that smokes and sputters.